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Jenessa Rae Zurek is a 37 year old mother of two boys, Nathan (5) and Cameron (3), who currently works as a Counselor at a local university. She married her high school love in 2007 and the couple moved to Southern, N.H. where the family still resides along with their two dogs, a cat and several chickens. After the tragic and sudden loss of her young husband in 2016, Jenessa started receiving signs, immediately letting her know her husband was never far away. She felt in her heart that he had never truly left her or their boys and she needed a way to explain this to their two young sons. After many failed attempts in the search for an age appropriate children’s book on spirituality and loss, Jenessa received what she believed was a sign from her husband to write her first book. She would awake in the middle of the night with the words she needed to compose her story. She kept a journal next to her bedside and each night she would scribble down the words as they came to her. Soon, she had exactly the words she needed to share with their little boys. More importantly, she felt the words were a gift from her husband to their young sons, a precious gift they could treasure forever.